Concrete Countertop

The Company:

This building product manufacturer is renowned for the versatile materials and rich colors they use as well as for their design intuition in residential and commercial applications.  They commit to setting trends—not just keeping up with them.

The Case:

In their pursuit to bring new ideas and creations to market, our client is constantly testing and experimenting with pigments and dyes.  They were particularly excited when they developed exceptionally vivid colors to add to their existing roster.  Their enthusiasm turned to frustration, however, when the applied color mottled and was grossly inconsistent.  During a conversation with us about a different project, they asked what we thought might be the issue.

The Solution:

Our laboratory technicians worked together with our client on what turned out to be a very complex formulation.  Achieving the deep colors they envisioned was the first challenge—but meeting tight specifications and regulatory compliances were even tougher.  After several rounds of testing between our labs, we finalized the dispersants and helped develop a pigment dispersion that met all criteria.  This collaboration meant our client could have the bold colors they were after—and stay true to their mission of colorful expression.