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Dyes and Pigments for Decorative Cement / Concrete

Keystone offers a full line of dyes and pigment dispersions for decorative concrete applications.  For solvent based formulations, our Keyfast SpiritTM dye powders and  KeyvinylTM K liquid pigment dispersions can be utilized to achieve a full range of bright colors.  For water based concrete color applications the NerotintTM line of water based high performance pigment dispersions and the NerosolTM liquid dye line, are both easy to formulate with and environmentally freindly to use.
Please feel free to ask which products are the most appropriate for indoor or outdoor concrete applications.  NerosolTM liquid dyes and Keyfast SpiritTM dye powders are recommended only for interior applications. Our NerotintTM and KeyvinylTM K pigment dispersions are recommended for outdoor concrete applications where higher lightfastness is required.
Dyes and Pigments for Decorative Cement / Concrete