Car Wash

The Company:

This U.S.-based, global company produces thousands of sanitation and maintenance products for professional use in dozens of industries.  They stake their reputation on environmentally sustainable practices, exceptional customer service, and solutions that improve their customers’ operations and bottom line.

The Case:

Our client was developing a new line of triple foam car wash soap.  It would be highly concentrated and therefore could be used in both the pre-wash and wash stages in the vehicle tunnel.  The challenge was to formulate dyes robust to subsist across a broad spectrum of pH ranges, yet soluble enough to remain in solution at very high concentration levels.  In the development phase, the yellow dye was repeatedly settling out over time; threatening product viability and delaying market launch.

The Solution:

By recommending Keyacid Tartrazine—processed to exchange a sodium ion for another salt—the solubility of the dye increased; while also providing good lightfastness and a robust stability profile in high and low pH systems.  Because of the composition of this specific yellow dye, no other changes to their formula were necessary—sparing any additional testing and approval.  Our client brought their new product to market as planned—but more importantly kept their promise to their business and customer mission.