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Keystone’s solvent and water soluble dyes and optical brighteners are exceptionally versatile in a wide range of adhesive applications. Bright colors offer possibilities for your product idea and the consistent properties guarantee a successful formulation.

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Antifreeze and Deicers

Beyond differentiating your product from others in the marketplace, Keystone’s liquid and powder dyes for antifreeze and deicing agents are compatible with a wide range of chemical technologies.

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Candles and Waxes

Keystone liquid dyes for candles and waxes exhibit the reliable properties expected for these applications. Our formulation assistance brings a customized color closer to you.

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Car Wash Soaps

Our vibrant color range of concentrated liquid and powder dyes offer possibilities for your product idea and offer the reliable properties required for a successful formulation.

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Certified Dyes

Keystone offers a wide range of certified dyes for use in food coloring, cosmetics, personal care products, and pharmaceutical drug applications—but also in cleaning products with direct contact to the processing equipment in these industries.

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Concrete Coatings

Strong performing dyes and pigment dispersions for decorative concrete and concrete related finishes—in both interior and exterior settings and applications.

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Greases, Lubricants, and Oils

Keystone’s highly concentrated liquid dyes are exceptionally versatile in a wide range of applications. Bright colors offer possibilities for your product idea and the consistent properties guarantee a successful formulation.

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Hot Stamp and Foil

Highly compatible, brilliant, glossy dyes and pigment dispersions well suited to hot stamp, foil, and decorative metal finishes.

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Industrial Coatings

Versatile dyes and pigment dispersions for automotive and recreational equipment coatings delivering exceptional colors that pop.

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Ink Jet Inks

Our dyes and colorants are specially selected and developed for successful use in the inkjet market. From standard CMYK products to shading dyes, we offer a full range of products for solvent and water based systems.

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Leak Detection

Our concentrated fluorescent dyes and optical brighteners for leak detection are extremely effective and reliable in both water and solvent based systems.

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Non-Destructive Testing

Our concentrated fluorescent and optical brighteners for dye penetrant inspection of surface discontinuities are extremely effective and reliable.

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Oil Field

Keystone’s dyes and optical brighteners are effective tracers in the downhole oil well cementing process.

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Bright and versatile liquid and powder dyes to color fine paper, tissue, paperboard, and calendaring applications. Water dispersible pigment dispersions to meet FDA requirements are also formulated by request.

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From classic colorants, optical brighteners, and fluorescent dyes to FDA-approved, special effect granites, and security taggants—our pigments and dyes excel in a wide variety of polymers and resins across dozens of applications.

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Keystone is the exclusive North American distributor for Reversacol™ photochromic dyes manufactured by Vivimed Labs Limited. This line of special effect colorants is specially selected for ophthalmic purposes but also widely used in security, brand protection, and novelty applications.

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Seed Treating & Enhancement

Keystone Treating Solutions™ colorants and polymers are specifically developed for the seed treatment and agricultural colorants industry—and meet global standards for seed applied technologies.

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Soaps and Detergents

Whether alkaline or acid stable; liquid or powder form—our dyes and optical brighteners are superior performing products for household, institutional, and industrial soaps and detergents.

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Sublimation Inks

Our dyes are specially selected and developed for use in heat transfer printing applications. Our experts can advise on the technical aspects of these products—and how to integrate them successfully for a wide range of uses.

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Water Tracing

Keystone supplies the most widely accepted and safest dyes for water tracing applications in open and closed water systems.

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Wood Coatings

Whether your end application is wood flooring, furniture, or cabinetry, our liquid dyes and pigment dispersions will provide colorful product opportunities.

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Writing & Marker Inks

Our liquid and powder dyes and pigment dispersions are specially selected and developed for the writing instrument industry. Whether your end application is ball point, roller ball, permanent marker, or highlighter inks, our colorants are exceptionally bright and strong.

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Keystone Products

Color is not easily understood. When you work with us, you work with experts who understand the intricacies of pigments and dyes—and are supported by a regulatory team that advises on compliancy for your end application and usage.