Wood Flooring

The Company:

Our client is a leader in industrial coatings—delivering local finishing solutions on a global scale to OEMs and tier suppliers in the wood industry.  This extensive but semi-autonomous network of regional stores is supported by in-house formulators specializing in high-performing liquid and powder technologies.

The Case:

Given the volume and variety of customer specifications and projects, our client had thousands of formulations in their database—the majority based on liquid dye products.  So when supply of a key raw material was disrupted, they reached out to talk about potential alternatives.

The Solution:

We recommended our Nerosol US (Universal System) dye liquids for its’ superior lightfastness, high color strength, and low viscosity properties.  Most importantly, however, its’ compatibility and consistency in a wide range of solvents made it possible to drop-in our client’s system with very few formulation changes.  Working alongside the stores during this transition, we addressed potential concerns and demonstrated other product benefits—with zero interruptions—keeping their local supplies on track and their customers happy.