A History of Color Since 1920


Color is our business

From the very start, our founders have been passionate about color. For over 90 years, we’ve added exciting milestones to our history they would be proud of. Today, Keystone leadership and our teams around the world continue this vision.

Keystone Aniline and Chemical begins in Chicago. Founder William Peck leaves National Aniline Company with the vision to develop the color and dye business differently.
Arthur Andrews is hired in the laboratory; and with his experience continues to grow the firm’s participation in the dye industry.  Through the next decade, Keystone focuses on dye and pigment applications for inks, coatings, plastics, soaps, detergents, leather, paper, and agricultural products.
Even with the radically changing landscape in U.S. manufacturing and the consolidation of dye producers globally, Keystone expands their color business and diversifies into new industrial markets.
John and George Andrews join Keystone—expanding its reach overseas and transitioning the firm into a family-owned business.
The first of several international locations is established in Huddersfield, England with supporting offices, laboratories, and production quarters.  
The dye liquification facility in Inman, South Carolina becomes fully operational with special attention to innovation in aqueous and solvent based pigment dispersions.   
Keystone continues to change the way the world thinks about color with continued milestones in research and product development:  FDA dyes for PET, bio-degradable colorants, CleanGredients database listed products, and sub-micron pigment dispersions.
2016:  A 35,000-square-foot expansion is completed at the liquid dye and pigment dispersion production plant in Inman, SC.  This location becomes the largest analytical, production, and warehousing facility within Keystone.