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Color can be very tricky—and it often doesn’t work as expected. Keystone’s technical and scientific leadership is evident in the analysis, thought, and implementation of the real solutions and new ideas we bring to every client we partner with. This is why we claim longstanding relationships with so many successful clients. Your products and processes will work because our solutions do.

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The dyes, pigments, pigment dispersions, and polymers we develop are used across dozens of markets and in hundreds of applications. Applying science and technology, we’re continuously exploring possibilities and bringing our knowledge and expertise to resolve the most common and complex color challenges for our clients. What can we make possible for you?

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Our research laboratories are the nerve center of what we do and where innovation is born and tested. With over 90 years of experience, we know the science of color, but are not fixated on only one way to solve a problem—and won’t try to make something work when it won’t. Learn more about how we do what we do.

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Superior raw materials and years of color expertise aren’t complete without a full and current understanding of the global regulations and directives that impact the use and conveyance of the pigments and dyes you purchase. Find out how the Keystone Product Stewardship team works with your corporate regulatory group, formulators, or procurement office to answer questions and remain compliant.

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