Military Vehicle:

The Company:

This heavy equipment manufacturer engineers and builds specialty trucks for military and commercial use worldwide.  Given the tough environments in which these machines operate, performance and reliability are critical to their customers—as is safety and a straightforward method for troubleshooting if problems arise in the field.

The Case

Regular quality control inspections showed excess hydraulic fluid along the production line—leaking either directly from the assembled equipment itself or from the fill bladders.  There was also a third possibility—a process issue within the semi-automated system causing a deficiency between workstations.  As part of their commitment to quality and innovation, our client assigned several teams to investigate and adjust where needed.  Some of the tweaks showed marked improvement—but surplus hydraulic fluid was still present and leaking from somewhere.   

our solution

Introducing our Fluorescent Yellow 131SC into their production line immediately exposed surface leaks—but also enabled traceability to places otherwise very difficult to find.  As a highly concentrated liquid dye, only a small volume was required in their facility; and the dye’s miscible properties ensured compatibility with their petroleum based fluids.  With the origin of the leaks identified, our client could quickly address the issues.  The benefits were manifold:  increased plant capacity, decreased assembly time, and reduced production costs.  With the dye also integrated into the hydraulic system of the finished product, the opportunity to easily detect leaks over the life of the machine was now possible—confirming our customer’s pledge of after-market service and support.