The Company:

This client develops vehicle coatings from pre-treatment to primer, and basecoat to specialty finishes.   They are renowned for their highly inventive approach—collaborating with experts to design unique products for OEMs that pop, amaze, and wow the marketplace.

The Case:

A premier OEM motorcycle manufacturer approached our client with an imaginative idea on paper that proved to be an engineering challenge in the lab.  The special effects they were seeking demonstrated their brand personality while giving their customers more opportunity to express their creativity when customizing their own bikes.  Technically, it required augmenting a pigment based paint with a solvent dye based platform.

The Solution:

With our Keyfast™ Spirit range of solvent soluble dyestuffs, we formulated a dye based system we were confident would succeed on all accounts.  Not only was it compatible with the OEM’s methods and procedures, the physical appearance of the product matched the characteristics and originality they were looking for.  Leveraging our knowledge of pigments and dyes, our client delivered an exceptional solution for the OEM’s artistic vision.